Like warming up the voice, it is best to warm up the mind too.


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Step One - Focus
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Additional Information
Although this will be replaced by rhythm and pitch warm-ups, hear is an activity that pulls everyone together, sets high expectations, and leaves the students eager to continue.
  • Hold hands up and apart, preparing to clap, then wait for students to imitate. CLAP QUICKLY!  The students will copy. 
  • Say, "late."  Continue to pause and clap, encouraging the class to clap exactly when you do.  When successful, challenge them to do it twice in a row. 
  • For primary grades, slow the pace of the clap for success. 
  • Invite a student to lead the drill. 
  • For upper grades, STOP THE CLAP HALFWAY, and see who can adjust.  Eventually, and at various levels, each class will be together, matching your claps, and the "TEAM" is established, focused and ready to move on.
  • Step #1 Continued

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