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"Songs of a Little Child's Day"
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"Careful" Lyrics, Text Format

Mastering the tonic triad with running eighth notes.

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  • Grade: First

  • Origin: Emilie Poulsson, Eleanor Smith

  • Key: F Major

  • Time: 6/8

  • Form: AB

  • Rhythm: beginners: running eighth notes

  • Pitches: beginners: Do Re Mi Fa So La

  • Intervals: intermediate: So\Mi\Do, Do/Mi/So, La\Fa/La, So\Mi/So, Fa\Re, Re/So

  • Musical Elements: notes: eighth; rests: eighth; pickup beat, tempo: allegro grazioso; accent mark

  • Key Words: jingle, character education, newborn baby, teaparty, dishes, dolly, break, child



Oh! little Miss Careful whenever she wishes
May play with her very best teaparty dishes.
Her best dolly, too, any time she may take it,
For little Miss Careful we know will not break it.
Indeed this dear child is so careful that maybe
Her mother will soon let her hold the new baby.


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