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"The Wraggle-Taggle Gypsies"


"The Wraggle-Taggle Gypsies"
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"Wraggle-Taggle Gypsies," Lyrics, Text Format

Beginner's syncopation and extending the vocal range.

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  • Grade: Third

  • Origin: England - Ballad

  • Key: F Major

  • Time: 4/4

  • Form: ABCD

  • Rhythm: beginners: | ta ta ta ti ti | ta ti ti ta ta |
    | ta ta ta/ ti | syncopation, | ti ti ta ta ti ti |
    | ta ta ti ti ti ti |

  • Pitches: intermediate: La Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti

  • Intervals: intermediate: Do\La, La/Mi, Mi/La8, So\Mi, Mi/So, Re\La, Re/So, Mi\La

  • Musical Elements: notes: quarter, eighth; pickup beat, syncopation, vocal slur

  • Key Words: world geography, England, ballad, gypsy, downstairs, singing high, singing low, Bay of Biscay, Atlantic Ocean, Celtic Sea, first, second, third, servants, inquiring; contraction; she's (she is)


"The Wraggle-Taggle Gypsies"

    1. There was three gypsies a-come to my door,
And downstairs ran this lady, O!
The first sang high and the second sang low,
And the third sang "Bonny, bonny Biscay O!"
It was late last night when my lord came home,
Inquiring for his a-lady, O!
The servants said on every hand,
"She's gone with the wraggle-taggle gypsies, O!"


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