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"Harvest," Lyrics, Text Format

Running eighth notes while stepping up and down the staff,
ending a phrase on the supertonic, Re.

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  • Grade: Fourth

  • Origin: Denmark - Folk Song

  • Key: C Major

  • Time: 2/4

  • Form: ABCc

  • Rhythm: beginners: | ti ti ti ti | ta ti (ti) |

  • Pitches: intermediate: Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do

  • Intervals: beginners: Do/So, Do8\La, So\Mi, Fa\Re

  • Musical Elements: notes: quarter, eighth; rest: eighth; pickup beat, running eighth notes

  • Key Words: world geography, Denmark, harvest season, seasons, fall, autumn, harvesting apples

  • Recorder: intermediate: following the beginning recorder songs, good practice for moving up and down the scale



When all the leaves are turning brown
And apple trees are bending down,
It's time to pick the apples sweet
And gather in the harvest.
Come and pick the apples sweet,
Apples sweet, apples sweet.
Reach up high and don't be shy
Or you will be the last to eat.


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