Music You Can Read® gives the student a head start by learning the rhythm before adding the 26 letters.


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"Alphabet Song"
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To master the process of introducing new selections and gain the greatest rewards from Music You Can Read ®, we offer this Instructional Checklist.

Instructional Checklist

Pitch Drill Do-So, or 1-5 (see Pitch Warm-ups)

Show beat divisions. (see Beat Divisions)

Identify beat divisions in the Beats Format; beats, half beats, quarter beats.

Count the beats, "this song is counted in two's, 1,2, ready, GO."  (teacher/student points)

"Are there any patterns? Where? Let's do it again and see."  (highlight with marker)

Challenge the class to count the beats using the Music Only Format.

Identify beat divisions in the Rhythm Format.

Chant Rhythm Format. (teacher/student points)

"Are the patterns the same in the Rhythm Format as the Beat Format?"

Challenge the class to chant the rhythm using the Music Only Format.

Identify pitches Pitch Number Format.

Chant pitches in rhythm, numbers then Solfeggio.(teacher/student-points) 

"Are there any patterns? Where?  Let's do it again and see."  (highlight with marker)

"Do you see the pitches we sang in the pitch drill?  Where are they?"  (highlight with marker)

Sing pitches, numbers then Solfeggio.(teacher/student-points)

"Does ending on '2' or 'Re' sound like a good stopping pitch?" (identify as a leading tone, GR.3/4/5/6)

Challenge the class to sing the beat divisions using the Music Only Format.

Add text, slowly giving time for each student to draw the letter in the air as they sing.  (teacher steps to board models this as they sing.)


Reviewed in the same order during the next lesson. Later, review only formats needed for mastery. 

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