Using only five letters of the alphabet, BINGO is a wonderful song to introduce reading to nonreaders.


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The visual  field is lengthened as the song builds from counting beats in twos, adding two letter words for "ta" and "ti-ti", pitch  numbers from 1-7 become two letter syllables for "Do" through "Ti", and, ending with the text, which is mixed between  single letters and monosyllable words. 

  • Pitch Drill So-Do, or 5-1, see, Pitch Drills 
  • Show beat divisions in two, see, Rhythms Drills 
  • Count the beats, "this song is counted in two's, starting with AND, 1,2, AND" (teacher/student-points) 
  •  "Are there any patterns? Where?" (highlight with marker), "Let's do it again and see." 
  • Draw an "X" over the first beat in measures 6,7, and 8.
  • Count the song again, clapping when you get to the "X". Continue to mark out the divisions where claps will occur, and read beats again.
  • Follow the same steps for reading the rhythms.
  • Read pitches in rhythm. NUMBERS FIRST! (teacher/student-points) 
  •  "Are there any patterns? Where?" (highlight with marker), "Let's do it again and see." 
  • "Do you see the pitches we sang in the pitch drill? Where are they?"
  • Sing pitches, NUMBERS FIRST! (teacher/student-points) 
  •  "X" out the pitches to be clapped, one at a time, and practice each time. 
  • Using the text, practice the motor skills passage first, "X" out the letters of BINGO one at a time. 
  • Add the remaining text.

Reinforce reading skills by having a student identify "known" words within the text, i.e., dog, BINGO = bing and go.
"Which pitches have the same ending sound as the word BINGO?" 

For keyboard centers, transfer using any fingers comfortable, except where enrichment seems appropriate to skill level.

Using an "X" reinforces the symbol for a beat in music

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