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Ranging from minimal expectations, giving the student at least one positive grade, to marks which reflect the quality of the work or performance, grading systems for elementary music are wide ranging. The Music You Can Read ® evaluation process is grounded in two basic objectives:

1) Team participation - the student as a member of the class vocal ensemble, performing pitch warm-ups, rhythm warm-ups and reading the formats as they learn new selections.

2) Individual participation - the student transferring the vocal reading to an instrument, primarily, but not limited to, keyboard, recorder, tone bells, xylophones, etc.

Most students will spend the first 6/9 week grading period as a team, it will be dominated with grades the reflect EXCELLENT, SUPERIOR, A's, or a numerical symbol reflecting the "highest" mark. During this grading period the parents of those students who do not participate or cause disruptions to the learning environment, should be contacted to review the expectation; students develop team skills while practicing the basic foundations of music's language.

Once instrument centers are established, and all students have been given a full grading period to earn a performance certificate, class ensemble participation earns an automatic GOOD, B, or a numerical symbol reflecting the "second highest" mark. To receive the "highest" mark, the student must have earned a performance certificate, indicating the transfer of the vocal reading to fine motor skills by playing the selection on an instrument. The quality of the performance is based on the individual abilities of your students and the goals you have set to show continued progress in performance skills. More information on keyboard expectations can be found at this link:

At the end of the first 6/9 week grading period with instrument centers, students not earning an individual performance certificate, earn a grade showing the NEED FOR IMPROVEMENT, C, or a numerical symbol reflecting your "third highest" mark is earned.

The "lowest" numerical symbol, FAILURE" or D/F, is earned when a student fails to receive an individual performance certificate in two consecutive 6/9 week grading periods.

This system has proven very effective. Students are made aware of expectations, as a team and as an individual {noting that individual skills ultimately improve the team performance}, and, the grade marked is the one earned, not given. Should the "lowest" grade be earned, the parent should be contacted BEFORE the mark is given, reminding them of the team and individual expectations (a letter of expectations should have been signed and returned by each student's parent or guardian).

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