Research indicates keyboard and piano skills build brain connections that greatly improve language development.


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Keyboard Skills Progression
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Start all students playing the letters provided in the format "Keyboard/Xylophone/Tone Bells" with the intention of using the "Music Only" format as skills progress.  Introduce fingerings and chords when appropriate to skills. 

Example of skill development progression:

  • Plays melody with one or two fingers, with no attention to rhythm.
  • Plays melody with one or two fingers, correcting rhythm.
  • Plays melody with ALL fingers of the RIGHT hand. (song selection is important)
  • Plays melody with CORRECT fingers suggested in the music.
  • Plays melody with mirrored fingers of the LEFT hand. (or/both hands together)
  • Plays HOME PITCH, in left hand while playing melody with RIGHT hand.

Start introducing the third and fourth of the HOME CHORD, adding the transition from the V and the IV CHORDS, when appropriate to skill development. 

Fine motor skills develop at individual rates, thus centers provide the opportunity for success at the student's pace.  Having fellow classmates help play rounds as a team, or assisting a friend, keeps everyone moving forward in skill development.  Open Recitals before or after PTA meetings allow parents to monitor progress when instruments are not available in the home.

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