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Music Format
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Additional Information

  • Why use the Music format?
  • When should the Music format be introduced?

The Music format is used throughout the teaching process of any new selection. It should be used FIRST to identify the musical symbols, terms, etc., within each song BEFORE using any of the other formats (much the same as identifying the musical elements in a selection to be sight-read). As the students learn to count the beats, ta the rhythms, and, chant and sing the pitches, the Music format should be utilized to promote reading without the answers. The ultimate goal is using the Music format to read new selections without the answers. This will take many hours of practice, however, Music You Can Read ®, when presented as a spiraling curriculum (mastering each step before moving to the next level) moves from reading the answers to reading the music almost seamlessly.

Introduction: ALWAYS ask the students to raise their hands to identify ANY music symbols they recognize, starting at the beginning of the tune!

    1. Music clef
    2. Time
    3. Barlines
    4. Double Barline
    5. Repeats
    6. Number of measures
    7. Notes/rests
    8. Dynamic markings
    9. Patterns; rhythmic or pitch
    10. Any new music symbols

For enrichment:

1. Using the Music Format, have the students sing the pitches, thus reinforcing the pitch locations without the answers.
2. Using the Music Format, have the students sing the Beats or Rhythm on pitch. This demonstrates exactly where each pitch begins and ends as well as reinforcing the rhythm of the tune without the answers.

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