Every child can learn to read and write music before leaving primary school, and, research indicates they should!


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Like phonics in reading "Music You Can Read" is raising the level of music instruction to meet the needs of 21st century students.  Studies have long shown the correlation between private music instruction and higher test scores.  Current research supports music's ability to strengthen the mind as well as our souls. "Music You Can Read" brings the private lesson into your HOME or your child's weekly elementary music lesson.

Every Child can learn to read and write music. Brain research suggest this can begin at 3 years of age. "Music You Can Read" makes reading music the core of your child's weekly music class. No need for costly private lessons, today, every child can have what has long been available only to the gifted or wealthy. ALL CHILDREN ARE GIFTED! Music is part of every child's neurological processes, fostering this ability at the earliest age brings the greatest results!

5th grade Rhythm CenterFor traditional schools, we encourage parents to promote a higher standard, where PTA performances are derived from selections the students have read, written, or played.  PTA involvement will signal new expectations.

Although designed for classroom use, "Music You Can Read" is perfect for churches and organizations, where learning to read music is your goal. There is a reason why we say "I PLAY the piano," music is PLAYING, and everyone has fun!

We believe all children should learn to read music! Our Internet program allows this instruction across the globe. Our school Membership Program gives all children the opportunity of private lesson objectives, in their weekly music classroom. If you would like for your child to receive private lessons, which do not meet your budget, today, your child, and all their friends, can begin at school, church, or club meetings, to learn music's language!

Ensure your child receives the best music instruction by donating a membership to your child's music teacher! Your generosity and involvement will have a life long positive influence in the lives of every child.

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