Here is a tried and true method of introducing the various ways we read pitches in music. Once a month will master the concept in one year!


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Pitch Names
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Repeat this lesson often and when one writes the pitches of a major/minor scale on the board. 
Once a month to master the concept within a year, k-5/6th.

  • Starting with Do , write all of the solfeggio syllables as the class calls them out.
Solfege Scale
  • "If we use numbers instead of the syllables, what would Do be called?"
  • Put the correct number UNDER each syllable as the class calls them out.

Solfege Scale
Number Scale

  • "If we use letters instead of the numbers, what would One (1) be called?"
  • Put the correct letter UNDER each number as the class calls them out.

Solfege Scale
Number Scale

Letter Scale


As you write the name of each pitch, different colors can be used for Syllables, Numbers, and Letters. 

Pause before writing the repeated Do, 1, and A, at the octave; wait for the right answer, "remember, if we repeated Do in the original, we have to repeat it again using the numbers or letters, so this would be...?" 

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