A very small rap for introducing, and a very fun game for mastering, the repeat sign.


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Repeat Sign Rap
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Excellent for introducing or reinforcing the symbol and meaning of the repeat sign. 

Identify the repeat sign.  What is different about this double bar? (two dots)

"For those who do not know what it is called, we will do what it means, and see if we can determine what it is called."

On the board, or transparency, draw an ending repeat sign on the far right side.

right repeat sign jpg

Draw a repeat sign on the far left side.

right repeat sign jpg

While drawing the arrow, and going back and forth between the two repeat signs, chant the following rap.  Invite the students to join in.

right repeat sign jpg

"Who can tell me what they think this sign with two bars and two dots is called?"  (REPEAT) (Most will offer "repeat" - you will need to add "sign.")

At the end of current lesson, or beginning of next lesson, run a relay race using the repeat sign. (see RELAY RACE)

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