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Secret Code Puzzles
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The first "Secret Code" should be introduced VERY STRUCTURED , as a class lesson!   This will insure all students follow directions during cooperative groups or centers.  Below is an outline providing the most effective presentation for meeting the needs of the general or mainstreamed music class.

  • Using an overhead or in cooperative groups, explain how the Greek letters can be turned into English.
  • Work one letter at a time.
  • Ask for students to raise their hand if they know the correct letter.
  • Have students go to the board and show how they found the answer: (ADD), a must for nonreaders to see example.
  • Divide the class into groups of two, for cooperative activity.


Use a closet, separate room, or listening station.
Have box of markers, crayons, pencils available at center.
Use back of textbooks for writing on.
Incomplete puzzles should be taken home and completed for credit.
Have a central location for putting completed puzzles.
Designate when the next puzzle will be started, giving one last chance to turn in incomplete work.


When students turn in their completed SECRET CODES reinforce the information by asking the student one or two quick questions about what they discovered. 

For help, ask leading questions to get the ball rolling: 

"What instrument did they play?" 
"Did he lose his hearing?"
s completed. 
For challenged learners: have a partner assist, seeking a greater percentage of completed work with each puzzle.

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