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Seek and Find Puzzles
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Seek and Find puzzles should be introduced VERY STRUCTURED, as a class lesson!  This will insure all students follow directions later during cooperative groups or centers.  Below is the OUTLINE providing the most effective presentation for meeting the needs of the general or mainstreamed music class, 1st-5/6th.
1st grade students working a word puzzle.

Lesson Progression

"As you come in the door, pick up a book, puzzle, and a marker, then go somewhere in the room and put your name on the paper." [students enter the door, they pick up marker (crayon, pencil, marker) puzzle, and hard service (back of textbook)] 

"You may lay down on the floor, or sit in a chair, but, you cannot be beside anyone, and THERE IS NO TALKING!  If you talk, you lose your puzzle and will have to work with someone.  When you finish with your name, put your pencil down, I'm waiting to begin when all pencils are down." [the instructions in #1 and #2 should be repeated until 100% of the students have finished]

"Today we will find the words for some of the symbols we use in music.  I will say the word and then give you clues to help.  After all clues are given, I will ask a friend to help you if needed. Point to the small letters at the TOP of the puzzle." [make sure everyone is with you]

"Find the numbers going from top to bottom on the left side of the puzzle."  [again, wait on everyone, have a friend point}

"These little letters and numbers will help you when I give clues, so, no talking, not even I FOUND IT!  Got it?"

Everything else is CALL/RESPONSE - NO TALKING!!!

"The first word/symbol we are looking for is  _(ask or tell)__ find it in your puzzle..." (ALLOW TIME after each step)
1) Everyone say (staff) (TIME)
2) (staff), is (UP/AND DOWN) or (ACROSS).(TIME)
3) (staff), is (BACKWARDS) or (NOT-BACKWARDS). (TIME)
4) (staff), is (UNDER LETTER)  or  (ON LINE NUMBER). (TIME)
5) (staff), is spelled (s)  (t)  (a)  (f)  (f) etc.. (TIME)
6) Everybody say (staff). [if needed, ask a friend to help, before continuing to next word] (TIME)

"The NEXT word/symbol we are looking for is   (ask or tell). Find it in your puzzle..." (ALLOW TIME after each step)
Repeat steps 1-6


  • Mark number correct in grade book, look for increases with each puzzle.
  • Students peer teach new students during center time.
  • Cooperative groups form competing to find the most correct answers.
  • Ask student to describe the symbol, instrument, or concept found.

Puzzles can be copied to tag board, laminated, and completed with dry erase markers.  

Many students will need to take "good work" home to receive positive reinforcement from their care givers, therefore, worksheets are always available during center time!

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