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"The Army Goes Rolling Along"


"The Army Goes Rolling Along"
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"The Army Goes Rolling Along," Lyrics, Text Format

Syncopation in 2/2 (cut) time and an
ascending diminished fourth (d4) La/Re.

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  • Grade: Fifth

  • Origin: England/USA - music: Edmond L. Gruber - words: Sam Stept, adapted by: John Philip Sousa (1917)

  • Key: C Major

  • Time: 2/2 - cut time

  • Form: AB

  • Rhythm: advanced: | ta ti ti | ti/ ri ti ti | syncopation, ti ta ti | syncopation,
    | ta/a_|_/ (ti) ti ti | ti ti ti ti | ta/a_|_a ti ti | (_=tie)

  • Pitches: intermediate: Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do Re

  • Intervals: advanced: So\Mi/So (x7, m3), Fa\Re (m3), Re/So (P4), So/Do (P4), Do\So (P4), Do\La (m3), La/Re8 (d4, diminished fourth), Re8\So (P5)

  • Musical Elements: notes: whole, half, dotted quarter, quarter, eighth; rest: quarter; pickup beat, tied notes, two double barlines, syncopation, reading cut time

  • Key Words: USA Army, USA military song, patriotic song, fight for the right, build, nation, might, proud, battle, won, hi hi hay, count, cadence, loud, strong, always; contraction: it's (it is), where'er (where ever),

The official song of the United States Army; also known as "The Army Song." (chorus/refrain) Tune originates from World War One: "The Caissons Go Rolling Along."


"The Army Goes Rolling Along"
"The Army Song"

  First to fight for the right,
And to build the Nation’s might,
And The Army Goes Rolling Along
Proud of all we have done,
Fighting till the battle’s won,
And the Army Goes Rolling Along.
  Then it's Hi! Hi! Hey!
The Army's on its way.
Count off the cadence loud and strong.
For where e’er we go,
You will always know
That The Army Goes Rolling Along.


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