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"(On) Moonlight Bay"


"(On) Moonlight Bay"
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"(On) Moonlight Bay," Lyrics, Text Format

Accidentals: sharp, flat, natural; syncopation,
with advanced pitches and intervals.

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  • Grade: Fifth

  • Origin: USA - words: Edward Madden, music: Percy Wenrich - 1912

  • Key: F Major

  • Time: 4/4

  • Form: phrases: ABAC*

  • Rhythm: intermediate: | ti/ ri ti/ ri ta | syncopation,
    | ta/a/a/a_|_ta ta ti ta/ | syncopation (_=tie),
    | ta/a (ta/a) | (ta) ti/ ri ti/ ri ti/ ri | syncopation,
    | ta/a ta/a |

  • Pitches: advanced: So Si La Do Ra Re Ri Mi Fa Fi - raised/sharp dominate (5, Si), lowered/flat supertonic (2, Ra), raised/sharp supertonic (2, Ri), raised/natural subdominant (4, Fi)

  • Intervals: advanced: Mi\Ri/Mi (m2), Mi\So (M6), So/Si/La (chromatic m2's), La/Fa (M6), Mi/Fi\Mi (M2), Re\Ra/Re (m2), So/Do (P4), Re\So/Re (P5), Mi\Do (M3)

  • Musical Elements: notes: whole, dotted half, half, dotted quarter, quarter, dotted eighth, eighth, sixteenth; pickup beats, syncopation, accidentals: sharp supertonic (2, Ri), flat supertonic (2, Ra), sharped dominate (5, Si), natural subdominant (4, Fi); tied notes, chromatic movement

  • Key Words: USA history, courting song, sailing, voices ringing, stolen my heart, seemed, "Love's Old Sweet Song"; abbreviation: 'way (away); contraction: don't (do not), possessive: love's

  • Recorder: advanced: introducing C#, G#, Gb, and Bb, syncopation, accidentals: natural, sharp, flat

*Chorus from the popular early twentieth century song.


"(On) Moonlight Bay"

We were sailing along
On Moonlight Bay
We could hear the voices ringing
They seemed to say:
"You have stolen my heart"
"Now don't go 'way!"
As we sang "Love's Old Sweet Song"
On Moonlight Bay


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